I’m very excited about Christmas…and at work this year we are doing another secret santa.
Since I get so excited about gifts, I want the person I got to actually use or enjoy the gift (I’m not talking about chocolate here), I’m really trying to be creative and give something fun, something cute… so I’ve been in the hunt, and found some small things that could be cool, and they are all under $30.

Have a great day everyone!

Good Luck Minimergency® Kit $15 ( Such a great little gift, I have one and I use it all the time)

Gold Envelope Necklace- $29 ( You can write your own note)

Tea Rex - Tea infuser $13

Duck Tea Infuser- $15 ( but cheaper on Amazon, I have it and it really works!)

Music Branches Headphone Splitter- $10 ( Your and your friends can liscen to the same music)

Cupcake Notepad- $9

Animal "behind" Magnet


Algumas ideas para presentes de amigo secreto!

Tenham um otimo dia!!!