It’s November already! It’s starting to feel a bit cold and crisp outside (I know, cold for me is 60 degrees)…but November is the perfect time to light the fireplace, make some delicious soup, and cuttle up under a blanket watching a good movie (an old one in my case).

It’s also time to make the house smell like the Holidays! This week I purchased some Apple Cinnamon candles (Holiday collection from Glade) to put me in the holiday mood, but I always feel like I need way more than that!
So here is a simple recipe using spices that will make your house smell delicious (I tried this last year and it works!).

Some spices you can use

You will need:
Cinnamon sticks
Star Anise
Oranges (optional)
Appples (optional)


  • Add ingredients in a sauce pan, in low/medium heat
  • Bring it to a boil
  • Turn it down to a simmer, leave it on simmer as long as you want!

You can keep this mixture for a week in the refrigerator, just place it in a container and heat it up again when you want some delicious Holiday Smell!

Humm… now I want some AppleCider!